Rating of Talks & Posters

As announced, the best posters and talks of young scientists will be chosen and honoured again this year. For this purpose, the posters of participants under 31 and the presentations of the nominees can be evaluated during the conference. The evaluation tool can be found on the conference page in the subsection 'Evaluation of Presentations & Posters'. The evaluation period will start with the beginning of the conference.

The evaluation serves not only as an incentive for participants to optimize their contributions, but also as an opportunity to get feedback from experienced scientists. Besides the quantitative evaluation, there is also the possibility to give feedback directly to posters via the conference page.

All participants, but especially experienced seniors, are encouraged to give feedback on the research and contributions of young geophysicists.

For the evaluation, there are three categories for which 1 - 8 stars can be assigned (see example below):

  1. Scientific Content
    This section is self-explanatory. In this category the scientific content, i.e. the idea, methodology and results should be evaluated.
  2. Mode of presentation / style of presentation:
    The manner of presentation, the visualization of results or the design/split-up/understandability of posters is the main focus here.
  3. Quality of discussion / responses:
    The discussion of a poster or the answers after a presentation are to be evaluated here with regard to their clarity and the sovereignty of the presenter.

Each contribution can only be evaluated once. Please, be conscientious about each evaluation and refrain from evaluating your own or a co-author's poster. Thank you!