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Notice:  The e-poster as well as the rating of talks & posters and the entry to the conference rooms in SpatialChat will enabled on March 07, 2022 with the start of the conference.

The conference platform is supported by Smart-Abstracts just like for DGG2021. Most features will be familiar to participants of the conference last year.


The conference platform serves for:


  • an overview of the scheduled poster and oral sessions.
  • planning your personal conference by choosing your favorite events.
  • obtaining information on all the exhibitiors.
  • editing your personal profile as a participant of the conference (profilpicture, ...)
  • ...

Note: The conference plattform is in German only. In case of any language issues, please feel free to contact the help desk:


Login at the Conference Platform

 Please follow the steps below to a successful login:


  1. go to the conference platform
  2. choose 'Anmeldung' at the top of the menu panel.
  3. you are asked to provide you e-mail address (the same e-mail that has been used for the registration!!).
  4. use your registration code (=Zugangscode) that has been sent via mail by witago after your successful registration.
  5. please set your profile name -> full name and afiliation (e.g. Andreas Brotzer (LMU)).
  6. now set your password (minimum of 8 letters).
  7. accept the terms and conditions for the privacy agreement.
  8. confirm your registration via the activation link that has been sent via e-mail.

You are successfully logged in. Enjoy the conference!


Further logins only require your e-mail (as username) and your previously set password.



Complete your Profile

  • Open your profile setting via your profile name or icon at the top of the menu panel.
  • Upload a profile image.
  • Please, verify and extend your personal Data as requested.
  • Please, add your topics of expertise to enhance the chance to be found and contacted by peers.

Technical Check List

The following standards are required:

  • provide a stable internet connection (rather ehternet cable than mobile or wifi).
  • please test and configure your head phones or speakers.
  • use a desktop/laptop rather than mobile devices.
  • currently supported browsers:
    - Google Chrome (version 65 or later)
    - Firefox (version 60 or later)
    - Microsoft Edge (version 79 or later)
    - Apple Safari (version 10 or later)

Old versions of browsers as well as alternative browsers (such as Opera, Internet Explorer,..) might reslult in a limited functionality and poorer user experience. Independent of the selected browser, certain cookies have to be accepted.

Technischer Support

Bei allgemeinen Fragen zur Konferenzseite oder der Tagung, wenden Sie sich bitte an den

DGG2022 Help Desk:


Wenn Ihr Gerät die technischen Voraussetzungen erfüllt, Sie aber dennoch Probleme haben oder Probleme mit Bezug zur Konferenzseite von Smart-Abstracts auftreten sollten, wenden Sie sich bitte an das

Smart Abstract Team: